Oceana Dental is wellness dentistry for total body health.

We go beyond the essential dental care services to create proactive dental health plans that help you achieve optimum well-being.

With our help, you’ll achieve your best health today, and preserve it for a more resilient tomorrow.

We’re the Ottawa dentists putting the latest science to work for your total body health

As science progresses, we are learning more about how our whole bodies are profoundly interconnected.

For example, did you know that dental bacteria can infect other parts of your body? Or that issues like gum disease and cavities can be symptoms of underlying health problems? By addressing these underlying conditions we can help you manage your health better and even prevent future problems.

We partner with physiotherapists, dieticians, and other specialists to help you capture and preserve vitality and longevity, from your dental health to your total health.

Your Dentists



Maintaining an open airway will alleviate breathing issues.


The foods you choose impact dental and whole-body health.


Bite alignment, facial structure, and health are closely connected.

Creating a tranquil dental care experience for your whole family

At Oceana, you’ll be immersed in an
environment like no other.

  • Sedation Available
    • Oral & Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide)
  • Neuro-Spa Chair
    • Stimulates the body into an acoustic frequency which communicates with the nervous system to help relieve tension & stress
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • TV goggles
  • Stress balls
  • Foam pillows
  • Music

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Important Notice

If you would like to inquire about more information about Dr. Gaudet and her services, She is operating out of Blusky Dental - Capital location.  Please call us 613-526-9876 or email us at capitalreception@blusky.dental  to book an appointment.  We look forwards to speaking with you!